Q: Do I have to go to the presale event to get a ticket to BRunch Fest?

A: No you do not. However, we look to provide early ticket holders with a special ticket price that will not be available to the general public past August 20th.

Q: What's your refund policy?

A: Once a ticket is purchased we will not provide refunds, however we will assist purchasers in transferring their tickets to other attendees and/or posting availability of unusable tickets. We anticipate this event selling out.

Q: Will there be a competition?

A: There will be a "People's Choice Award" voted on by attendees. There will also be a battle amongst the competitors for The "Best Booth Award."

Q: How can you get involved as a vendor, sponsor, or volunteer?

A: Please contact Kenny Nguyen for sponsorship/press opportunities at kenny.n@threesixtyeight.com or Franz Borghardt for vendor opportunities at batonrougebrunchfest@gmail.com.


Q: Is this event family friendly?

A: Yes, not only is it family friendly, but children under 9 years of age are allowed to attend for FREE.